🤝Teammates: Tiana Robison, Jinsong (Sylvester) Liu,Luchen Peng.

Although our prototype attracted their eyes successfully. we still fall into a problem “ where does it live in the world?”. A large number of critical objects were placed in art galleries and printed in magazines. Once it is confined in a…


🤝Teammates: Tiana Robison, Jinsong (Sylvester) Liu,Luchen Peng.

Tutor John said a workshop plan as outcome is not enough. This kind of workshop is too much attention to individuals, we need to let more people involved. What is more, the outcome created from the workshop is too abstractive to be…


🤝Teammates: Tiana Robison, Jinsong (Sylvester) Liu,Luchen Peng.

According to the previous workshop, we realize that having participants make objects individually will be limited to their past experience and cognition, and lacking deas and assessments from different knowledge backgrounds in this process. It’s easier for the output to contain the…


🤝Teammates: Tiana Robison, Jinsong (Sylvester) Liu,Luchen Peng.

Facing the wicked problem ( algorithmic bias), Co-design is also the design method we gonna use. The most important purpose is to understand the ideas of groups from different backgrounds and let them participate in the discussion and construction of future life…


It is necessary to personally try critical design before inviting participants for critical making. we decided to generate some ideas ourselves according to each three sectors: health, workplace and finance.

Some of my ideas:

  1. An expression training helmet to help you smile like an elite white man. The reason why I like this…


🤝Teammates: Tiana Robison, Jinsong (Sylvester) Liu,Luchen Peng.

After defining the algorithmic bias as a wicked problem, we think original design thinking is not suitable to be used in this project. We decided to focus on critical design and co-design

Literature Review about Critical Design

Each of our group members picks up the books which…


🤝Teammates: Tiana Robison, Jinsong (Sylvester) Liu,Luchen Peng.

After defining the problem, we quickly invited our target audiences to our workshop. As John reminds us, we need to take into account the audiences’ degree of acceptance and understanding, especially for this complex topic. In that situation, we decided to learn…


🤝Teammates: Tiana Robison, Jinsong (Sylvester) Liu,Luchen Peng.

This week, our group mainly focused on learning about how algorithms to be biased and invited the public ( our target audience) to the workshop to learn their attitude toward algorithms.

Literature Review and Interview with Experts

In order to figure out how bias happens in the algorithm…


🤝Teammates: Tiana Robison, Jinsong (Sylvester) Liu,Luchen Peng.

Why this project?

In the past, the development of the Internet has caused explosive growth
of information, and at the same time broadened the richness of information
we are exposed to. The emergence of algorithms began to shape our online
experience on major social platforms negatively or positively…


📰Brief: “Design the social relation and interaction between a robot chef and its human guest.”

🤝Teammates: Eda. Luchen. Max. Rikkie

🙌External Partner: Moley Robotics

Based on previous findings, we started to think about how do we find the intersection between human language and robot language to shape our social…

Luchen Peng

UX MA Student in LCC

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